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Before Starting a Behavior Program

Behavior modification has come a long way since I first started over 15 years ago.  We now understand fear, reactivity, and aggression more than we ever have before.  


There are many variables that cause and contribute to problem behaviors, including genetic predisposition, early socialization (or lack of), learning history, and health. Every dog is unique and no two behavior problems are alike. How far your dog can progress depends on all of these factors which are outside the control of any dog behavior professional.

You may be asked to make changes at home and implement some restrictions during the program. You will also be asked to stop the use of other methods that might jeopardize the success of the program. Your cooperation is integral to your dog's success.


Together, we will work as a team to provide your dog with the help and support they need reach their fullest potential, so you can live a long, happy life together.  If you're ready to move forward, click the button below to schedule a time for us to discuss your dog's behavior needs. 


Lisa Mullinax, ACDBC

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