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Your puppy's first month home can determine their future behavior for the rest of their life

Lack of sufficient or positive socialization in the first 16 weeks is the leading cause of problem behaviors in dogs.  Working with fearful and aggressive behavior for the over 15 years has given Lisa the experience and knowledge to give puppies the best start in life.


Through this professional socialization service, Lisa picks up your puppy for two socialization field trips per week. 

All field trips take place in puppy-safe areas, exposing your puppy to new sights and sounds without putting them at risk. In addition to seeing lots of new people, other dogs (from a safe distance), your puppy will be safely exposed to:

  • Stairs

  • Elevators

  • Shopping centers

  • And more!


Lisa will also protect your puppy from being frightened by anyone or anything that could create problems in the future.

Your puppy will see dogs, people, and other sights without risking their health

Sessions will also include age-appropriate training (name response, target training, sit/down...and more!), and will be adjusted to your puppy's individual needs.

You will receive text updates and photos after each lesson, so you can track your puppy's progress.  Bonus: Your puppy gets a mid-day potty break and will be nice and tired when you get home.

Package includes initial consultation to help you get started with housetraining, puppy proofing, and other common puppy challenges, and a follow-up consultation at the end of the month.


Puppy Head Start (10 lessons): $595

Continued Sessions: $49