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For dogs who struggle with grooming, handling, eye/ear drops, vet visits, and more.
For years, dog owners have wrestled with dogs that resist necessary care. Some dogs are so difficult, that their owners even delay preventative care.


With modern training comes cooperative care! Dogs can learn how to become voluntary participants. In their own care. Eye drops, ear drops, nail trims, brushing, vet exams, even vaccinations!


Lisa comes to your home and works directly with your dog, doing the work for you! Lessons take place in your home, progressing to your local vet clinic for practice. Includes muzzle training for emergencies.

You will receive text updates and photos after each lesson, so you can track your dog's progress. Includes the initial consultation, so Lisa can evaluate your dog and develop a customized plan, and a follow-up lesson with you, so you can learn how to continue reinforcing your dog's new skills.

Sample Training Session: Prepare for Intra-nasal Vaccine


Host a Cooperative Care seminar at your clinic. Your clients will learn how to teach their dogs some basic skills that can make it easier for you to provide care.  ​​Contact Lisa to learn more

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