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Whether you have a dog that exhibits reactivity to other dogs, aggression towards strangers, or predatory behavior towards cats, squirrels, and other small animals, chances are that you dog gives plenty of warnings before they growl, snarl, lunge, or snap.

I’m not talking about common signs of stress, displacement...

LOOK FOR THE LOOK AWAY.  A head turn, or "look away" can be an important signal to help you detect when your dog is uncomfortable, or help your dog communicate with other dogs.  It's subtle, it's simple, and it says a lot.

NON-THREATENING INTENT:  You know that moment when you're walking through the grocery sto...

Whether you are meeting a dog for the first time or you are introducing your own dog to a new person, look for signs of avoidance, including turning away, walking away, or even refusing to engage. 

Failing to respect these signs and forcing the interaction increases the risk that the dog could escalate to aggressi...

Here's one of those tricky nuances of behavior. Many people assume that a dog that isn't displaying aggressive behavior is safe to pet, introduce to their dog, take to the dog park, etc.

Aggressive displays - barking, growling, snarling, snapping - are all a dog's final attempt to put distance between them and the...

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