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Host one of Lisa's popular seminars to raise money for your organization and educate dog owners in your area at the same time. 

Lisa can help you design a presentation that is right for your audience.  Your organization pays a flat fee for a full or half-day presentation and keeps everything else! The more attendees you have, the more money your organization raises.

Lisa has presented at Sacramento SPCA, Sonoma Humane Society, Front Street Animal Shelter, and more.

Contact Lisa for more details.


Each topic is a half-day (3 hour) presentation and can be combined with other topics for a full day.


  • Cooperative Care: Handling, Grooming and Muzzle Training

  • DogSpeak: Canine Body Language

  • Fear & Anxiety: Confidence Building

  • Reactivity: A Modern Approach to Leash Aggression

  • Resource Guarding: A Modern Approach to an Old Problem

  • Sibling Rivalry: Intradog Aggression

  • Stranger Danger: Stranger-Directed Aggression​


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