• Lisa Mullinax, CDBC


LOOK FOR THE LOOK AWAY. A head turn, or "look away" can be an important signal to help you detect when your dog is uncomfortable, or help your dog communicate with other dogs. It's subtle, it's simple, and it says a lot.

NON-THREATENING INTENT: You know that moment when you're walking through the grocery store, you turn down an aisle and come face-to-face with another shopper? What do you do? Do you:

A) Lock eyes with the stranger, staring intently at them while you pass by?

B) Give them a big, friendly smile and engage them in a delightful conversation about the weather?

C) Turn and look at the rows of canned vegetables to your right?

If your answer was "A," please see the school counselor after class.

However, most of you probably answered "C." You might give a small smile (a "submissive grin"