Give Your Puppy The Best Start In Life

For puppies 8-16 weeks

Your puppy's first 8 weeks at home are the most important weeks of their lives.  This is when socialization is critical for future success.

Too many puppies grow into dogs that exhibit fear, reactivity, and aggression because of insufficient socialization.  Unfortunately, basic puppy classes only provide a fraction of what your puppy needs.

Even though your puppy is not fully vaccinated, he/she can get extensive socialization without jeopardizing their health. Learn How

This special service helps give your puppy the best possible start in life.

Starting as soon as your puppy comes home, Lisa visits your puppy three times a week, giving your puppy training and socialization including:

  • tolerance for grooming/vet care/handling

  • safety around food, bones, and toys

  • safe field trips

  • basic training skills

  • house and crate training

Have a shy wallflower?  Lisa will take it slow and focus on confidence-building exercises.  Have a wild party animal?  Lisa will work on impulse control and basic manners.  All programs will be based on your puppy's individual needs.  

You will receive photos and updates with each visit, so you can see how your puppy is progressing.  


Each package includes two lessons with you, and twice weekly visits with your puppy

Full Package (16 visits) ............................1,295

Booster Package (8 visits) ..........................695

AVSAB Statement on Puppy Socialization