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Limited service area

Lisa specializes in the following:


  • Aggression: Human-Directed

  • Aggression: Dog-Directed

  • Aggression: Handling/Grooming/Vet

  • Predatory "Aggression"

  • Reactivity

  • Fear and phobias


Get the convenience of "Board & Train" while your dog stays at home.  

Your schedule makes it hard to find time to work with your dog, but you don't want to send your dog to be boarded with strangers.

This unique program provides the best of both worlds. Lisa will teach you how to manage your dog's behavior and works directly with your dog. You will then learn how to maintain your dog's new behavior and training skills on your own. 

Lessons take place in your home or in real-world environments during the week, relieving you from training after a long day. You come home to a happy, relaxed dog. You will receive photos and updates after each lesson so you can track your dog's progress.

Only positive reinforcement methods will be utilized. At no time will Lisa use aversive training methods or equipment. Learn why


Initial Behavior Package includes behavior assessment and management plan, one full month of training sessions (3x per week) with your dog, and a follow-up lesson with you at the end of the month. 

Initial Behavior Package: $1,295

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