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Behavior affects every aspect of a dog's future success, but not every shelter has the resources for a full-time behavior staff.  Lisa provides several support options which are available on an as-needed or contract basis.

On-Site Behavior Services for Adopters

Adopters frequently need behavior support for their newly-adopted dogs. Lisa provides on-site behavior consultations, which helps keep dogs in their new homes and generates much-needed revenue for your shelter.

Staff/Volunteer Training

Keep your staff and volunteers up-to-date.  Lisa can provide classroom and hands-on training for body language, clear and consistent communication, behavior assessments, training for shelter dogs, and effective interventions for common problems.

Lisa has provided services for The Sacramento SPCA, Front Street Animal Shelter, Sonoma Humane Society, and more.  

Evaluation and Consultation for Difficult Cases

Not all dogs are a simple pass/fail during behavior evaluations.  I can provide a second opinion, consultation on behavior modification options, and instruction of shelter staff/foster home to help your shelter make the best possible decision on difficult cases.

Public Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are great ways to raise funds for your shelter and educate the public. Learn more.

All services can be combined

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